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::When you choose a company for construction, decoration and design – do not look for compromises::

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Construction Company “GEOPOLIS”offers the highest quality of work in conjunction with great price. We specialize in a wide range of services including design of new buildings, “turnkey” projects, preparation of necessary documentation, complete decoration and design as well as general construction services. Our company has significant experience in the field and our specialists are ready to offer their best expertise. They are constantly improving their skills in order to achieve even better results.

::Architectural Services::

Architectural Services

Drafting the plan of the building – is one of the most difficult stages of construction work. It is important not only to choose the right design of the interior space, but, also diligently planthe placement of all utilities and make the right choice of building materials. This job requires a specialist in-depth knowledge and creative skills.

In drafting the plan of the building – one of the most important considerations is its type. Thus, the design of any building is a very laborious process. It requires attention to detail, where participation of the customer in the process is required. Drawing up a project of an office or a public building (for instance a store) requires an increased emphasis on the functionality of the space used.

The design process is completed with a final agreement, paperwork and a written estimate for the project.

::Construction and decoration work::

Construction and decoration work

Construction of the building or the house “turnkey” includes a provision of a full range of services. We are involved in a determining the right types of building materials, complete the entire construction from laying down a foundation to finishing interior design. At the same time, we welcome participation of our customers in the process, appreciate their comments and consider their suggestions.

Construction Company “Geoponic” utilizes the most modern methods of constructions that allow saving time and money. We choose the best option, always achieving the perfect balance between quality and price. In addition, the company conducts a rigorous selection of suppliers of building materials and equipment, showing strict requirements for quality goods. We are committed to providing customers with only the best!

We can offer our customers the entire spectrum of construction services. Utilizing flexible methods of projects implementation, our experts always achieve the desired result. Therefore, you don’t have to choose between price and quality - just give us a call.

::Geography of company’s projects::

Geography of company’s projects